Where to start? How about a nearby convenience store?

Php 150

What's Inside:

Your all-new EON card comes with an EMV smartchip to keep your money extra safe and PhP50 in it!

Activate your EON
Account Through the App

No fuss. Just download the app and in a few steps, you'll be using EON to manage your money like a whiz. You can wave goodbye to those troublesome application forms!

You can level up your account through the EON app or EON website.

Adding Funds to
Your EON Account is Just as Easy

Transfer Funds from PayPal
to Your EON Account

Moving money from your PayPal account to EON is a breeze! Just select UnionBank of the Philippines as your bank, enter 010419995 as the bank code and your EON Account number. PayPal may charge a minimal fee but don't worry, we won't charge you anything on top of that! How do I link my Paypal?

Cash in at Convenience Stores

You don't need to take a trip to the bank to add funds to your EON Account. Head to a nearby convenience store and you're as good as done, like buying a snack. There's a minimal fee of PhP 10 for every PhP 500 you cash in —still cheaper than making a trip to the bank! How do I cash in?

Just keep on adding funds to your EON Account! If ever you exceed your limits, the funds will be posted to your current balance but will be put on hold for the meantime. Your funds will be made available as soon as your limits free up. No more penalties for returns!

Use EON Anytime,

No matter where life takes you, EON is right there at your fingertips.


Everyone has their favorite way to do stuff, especially when it comes to technology. Check your balance, move money, pay bills, and buy stuff on whatever device on-hand. Or even all of them!

Each Feature has
Your Experience in Mind

From the smallest button, each thing about EON is aimed towards providing you with a banking experience that's nothing short of unbelievable.

Your EON Account is an electronic money product duly authorized by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP). You may have more than one EON Account. In which case, the total balances or cash ins of all your EON Accounts should not exceed the same limit as your EON Account with the highest level.